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Handmade in New York

by Chuck Van Dyck

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Current Flow Woodwork

Current Flow Woodwork crafts heirloom furniture made with a sustainably minded process. Each piece is created to honor nature, bringing elevated objects into the flow of the everyday.

Stool on white background with wood floor

Our timeless Luna stools

26" Luna Stool. By nature wood tone and grain will vary from images provided, this lends to the truly unique properties of each piece.

Luna Stool (Height 10”)

The underside of each stool is imbued with an inlay corresponding with the moonphase under which the stool was completed.

A minimalist stool turned by hand on the lathe and assembled with tried and true mortise and tenon joinery. Each piece is hand rubbed with linseed oil to achieve the most natural finish.






linseed oil


made to order (3-4 weeks)






While borrowing from a classic design with roots in most ancient cultures, the Luna stool has been updated to quietly enter your space in any number of roles from a perch to a side table. My goal is to offer an item that will be around for generations and become a familiar part of your orbit.

Stool in shadows

Frequently Asked Questions

custom furniture

  • Send an email to Include dimensions, wood species, function, and timeline. A drawing, however crude, helps a lot! From there we can design your piece together. Once a design has been approved we can move forward with an estimate and outlined scope of work.

  • It would be best to start with your budget and build from there. Many variables come into play when creating custom work. Material pricing varies wildly depending on species of wood and labor can easily exceed 40+ hours depending upon the project’s design. So let’s talk, I’m sure we can come to an agreeable price for your order.

  • Typical lead time for custom furniture is 6-8 weeks.

wood care

  • Unless otherwise noted, all my furniture is finished with Tried and True Danish Oil. It is a natural oil made from linseed, aka flax, with no chemical additives. It is my belief that this type of finish will only grow more beautiful over the years as your piece is handled and patinas. If you find your piece feeling/looking dry, any danish oil will revive it.


  • I can ship anywhere at the buyer’s expense. Contact me at before placing an order outside of the USA so we can figure a shipping estimate.

  • Pick-up is available at my studio located in Red Hook, Brooklyn, NYC. Pick-up is always preferred, but local delivery is an option for a surcharge.

  • If your piece is damaged in transit, please let me know ASAP and all will be done to correct the issue.


  • All sales are final. If there is an issue such as item being damaged in the mail, please contact me at and we will work to correct the issue.

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