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Current Flow Woodwork is the practice of Chuck Van Dyck, a Brooklyn-based woodworker.

Chuck standing at workshop table.

My goal is to introduce pieces that are familiar, yet still unique. My work won’t demand your attention – instead, I hope for it to exist peacefully in your space in a beautifully utilitarian way. One year’s stool may be the next year’s side table, and a vase can house any number of items.

Being made of wood, each item will inherently be unique – that is the beauty of working with wood. Having the privilege to collaborate with nature in such a way can be quite rewarding, and the opportunity to collaborate with clients to bring a handmade object into their space can be equally rewarding.

One year's stool may be the next year's side table, and a vase can house any number of items.

Chuck cutting wood.
Chuck turning a stool.

I started this journey into craft after spending a few years in the fashion photography world. As a set carpenter and working directly on set in the prop department, I eventually felt the need to learn to create something less temporary. This experience shined a light on just how disposable much of the design we were taught to admire is. Tried and true joinery was replaced with quicker methods suited to mass production. Finishes that require a sensitive touch shoved aside for whatever was cheapest and easiest.

I soon found myself on a new road driven by a desire to work with wood in a way that I felt was harmonious with nature. With attention turned towards longevity, we can create work that doesn’t take the materials for granted. By using millennia old techniques, with a little help from modern machining, building to an heirloom quality standard is a way of honoring this natural resource. Crafting with a sustainably forward process will always be at the forefront in my practice.

With craftsmanship at the forefront and a new focus on longevity and classic design, I aim to work with my clients to bring them an item that can offer a sense of home and familiarity for a lifetime.

I urge anyone interested in seeing my work in person or just looking to talk shop to visit me anytime.

125 Dikeman Street Brooklyn, NY 11231

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